About Us

Able2 was dreamed up over our love of running together and coffee post run. Our conversations often focused around modern day life and wanting to slow down. We also wanted to reflect this in the way we consumed and our desire to have a less is more, quality over quantity approach. Our friends had also been echoing our thoughts.

So we started thinking about creating an online destination striving for sustainable chic and mindful consumerism. A home for like minded brands and people. Brands and people who are thinking out loud and producing really cool stuff. Sustainable. Transparent. Ethical. Mindful. Fashion forward. Brands who know that less is more. We are not here to preach, but to offer a place where you are able 2 make an informed purchase and feel positive about it. Our brand wants people to feel good about themselves and what they are purchasing. Simply because it’s good to be able 2 choose. Even if it’s just one candle, an organic lip balm, one piece of clothing or some ethically made undies. If we just started with one sustainable, intelligent purchase, we would be able 2 make a small difference.
And so Able2 was born.