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Fysha Soaps | Amina


Q1. Brand Mantra?
Mindful beauty. We seek to nurture balance and harmony between mind, body and soul with products that are made with good intentions; a philosophy that transcends the realm of skincare to offer a respectful lifestyle in tune with the values of balance, simplicity and minimalism. With a firm belief that nature offers everything you need for radiant skin, we select the finest natural ingredients from sustainable sources to create luxurious soaps of uncompromising quality.

Q2. How long did it take to launch Fysha from your first light bulb moment to launch?
Two years. Uncompromising on quality, eco-gentle formulations and attention to detail, my dedication is instilled at every step of Fysha's launch, rendering it a meaningful and reflective
experience, as each stage was carried out with intention and care.

Q3. What does The Brand Name Fysha mean?
Fysha was born from the union of two words; the ‘fys’ from the Greek word ‘fysis,’ meaning nature and the ‘ha’ from handmade. These two principles work in harmony to create our luxurious, nourishing soaps that respect the synergy between ourselves and nature.

Q4. What was the greatest challenge?
Creating formulas without using palm oil posed two challenges; finding an alternative i.e relying on premium coconut oil, and the decision on the sophisticated form of our solid soaps that have been carefully designed to ensure their structural longevity. I have gone to great lengths honing formulations for a refined cleansing experience that’s in harmony with the natural world.

Q5. What do you think you would be doing if Fysha did not exist?
I have always been creative at heart. If I wasn't creating Fysha products I believe I would be using my creative energy to further mindful living.

Q6. What was most fun part?
Working with creative, talented and dedicated professionals who brought my brand vision to life.

Q7. Do you have a mentor or muse?
Advice from my father to me "if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life". I never fully understood this until I started Fysha. I am blessed and grateful for the two amazing men in my life who have been my mentors and support. My father and my husband. Running a business can be at times overwhelming as one is constantly faced with making decisions and responsibility. In times like this, they both help me to keep things in perspective and give me honest guidance.

Q8. Where do you see Fysha in five years’ time?
Introducing a new selection of high-quality products that will inspire and enrich my customer's daily life. Staying true to the brand ethos no matter what challenges we are confronted by and doing my small part for our planet Earth.

Q9. Favourite Podcast?
Too many. I am very much interested in exploring more about the effects of energy, mindfulness and meditation on our daily lives.

Q10. Movie Buff or Book Worm?
Both. A big fan of outdoor cinemas on a warm summer evening and love a good read before bed.

Q11. Balance to you is?
Harmony of mind, body and soul.

Q12. How do you try to be mindful?
Morning is the ideal time to gain inspiration and set the tone for the rest of the day. I begin my day with meditation, yoga, skincare ritual, and holistic nutrition which all aid me in being
Mindful. Meditation and yoga for me are essential to remaining mindful, as they teach conscious breathing which keeps me in the present moment. Being mindful of something as simple as my skincare routine with carefully chosen beauty products, far from being a monotonous task, becomes an act of self-love and appreciation.

Q13. Cat person or Dog Person?
Find kittens so adorable but definitely a dog person.

Q14. Finally the deepest question – are you a Sweet tooth or Savoury Tooth?
Savoury Tooth but thoroughly enjoy a hot chocolate or scones with clotted cream and strawberries with English breakfast tea.


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