Peachy Keen Magazine  |  Stephanie

Peachy Keen Magazine | Stephanie

Maker: Stephanie
Creation: Peachy Keen Magazine
Thinking: Do my part for the slow fashion movement
Location: Paris 

Introducing Stephanie – Founder and all round genius behind Peachy Keen Magazine. 

Q1. What were you doing before Peachy Keen? 
I am from Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia but moved to France in 2010 after my gap year. I worked as a Nanny and then studied photography in Paris. I moved to Montreal in 2012 with my (then) boyfriend (now husband). Although difficult at the time, in retrospect, I really appreciate the time I spent in Montreal for the progress I was able to make in French and for all the experience I gained in photography. Montreal has such a rich fashion and art culture and so many amazing local brands. I was able to build a strong portfolio for when we moved back to Paris.  Since coming back to Paris 4 years ago, I’ve worked full time as a freelance photographer. I specialise in fashion and do mainly Lookbooks, campaigns and editorials. 
So long story short : Photography :)

Q2. What was the inspiration and motivation to start Peachy Keen?
I started Peachy Keen Magazine as a blog at the beginning of 2018. It actually evolved really quickly into a magazine. I was looking to express myself creatively and “do my part” for the slow fashion movement. I believe the first step is education. Educating others and sharing our knowledge is the best way we can each engage in the movement and although slow, we can all work towards changing our habits. I think by changing our habits and not supporting “the bad guys” 

Q3. What were the first steps you took in starting Peachy Keen?
It all started with an instagram. I started by contacting designers in Melbourne for interviews and editorials. It then evolved into a website, and then a book which morphed into a magazine. I have been really lucky in having so many talented people support Peachy and happy to collaborate. 

Q4. What has been the most interesting thing you have learned on the journey so far?
Im not sure I can pin point one thing, I am always so inspired by the people with whom I collaborate for Peachy Keen Magazine. Everyone has their own story to tell, their own way of doing things and their own vision of the industry. I take away so much from each encounter and have learnt so much along the way. 
I’ve also learnt a lot about myself, how determined I can be. I’ve wanted to give up a few times because it is so much work and a lot of the time (especially for #1) I work alone, but I am so happy and proud of myself that I haven’t. 

Q5. Biggest Challenge so far? 
I think the biggest challenge has been really staying 100% true to the Peachy ethos. 
Being sure that everything we do is in line with our philosophy, from all the stories, to the posts and the choice of printer. There is always so much to consider. 

Q6. Sustainable, Mindful, Chic to you is?
For me these go hand in hand. It is very important for me to be mindful of where my clothing is coming from and who is making it, are they sustainable? Are they part of a system which can be supported in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility? Chic for me is really defined by the person, but for me it is definitely not a fad, I believe in a style that can be worn from season to season. Pieces you keep. A beautifully made trouser, a blouse. I sound like a broken record, but personally, I have so much more pride and confidence in my appearance and what I am wearing, knowing that someone didn’t suffer for it. 

Q7. What would the perfect day spent look like to you?
It would be a combination of my favourite things between Australia and Paris. Best of both worlds. 
But in reality, the perfect day is just a Dirty Chai at Grounded, my favourite cafe in Paris, and a walk through the city. 

Q8. Where do you think retail is headed?
I hope we continue to see an increase in brands changing to or expanding their sustainable work production and ethics. However, I believe it starts with the consumer. As consumers we need to be demanding a more transparent and clean industry, we need to be questioning the big brands and forcing them to change. It’s easy to think, Im just one person. But once you know the facts, It’s hard to ignore the truth behind the fast fashion industry, and all of a sudden that mindless trip to Zara is no longer appealing. We also need to be buying less ! I get so much more pleasure out of one piece I’ve saved up for than the 5 I bought on a whim when I was early to a meeting and didn’t know what to do with my free time… 

Q9. What advice would you give to people who are trying to become more sustainable in the way they consume?  
Take a deep breath and think do I really need another striped t-shirt ? 
Instead of killing time with a walk through Zara, walk through a local park. 

Q10. How are you able2 be mindful – life in general?
Taking the time to think “do I need this, or do I want it”. 
It takes roughly 2 months to change behaviour. I think we all have behaviours which we could change or reconsider. I dont recommend changing them all at once, its like giving up anything, it can be difficult and confronting. Its better to choose certain aspects, remembering your keep cup, having a reusable shopping bag, taking your top to be repaired and not just buying a new one…
I try to incorporate something new every few weeks or months
I try to be as mindful as possible when on vacation or just out in the city. I am far from perfect, but I know that it is little by little that I can change my habits and hopefully those around me will see how easy it is and want to change too. 

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