Leland Francis | Dillion

Leland Francis | Dillion

Maker : Dillon
Creation : Leland Francis Skinacre
Thinking : Luxury Natural skin care
Location : LA

Q1. How long did it take to launch from your first light bulb moment to launch?
Between nine months and a year.  Luxe Face Oil was my first product. After researching oils, it took about nine months to formulate it to a consistency I think is perfect.

Q2. What is your biggest career achievement to date?
I’m a makeup artist first and green beauty creator second, and if you would have told the high school aged Dillon, that I would have done makeup for both Beyoncé and Mariah Carey I would have laughed it all off.

Q3. What is the most surprising joy you get from running your own business?
I love creating a product and trying it on set and models and celebrities asking what the product is cause the love it.

Q4. Do you have a mentor or muse?
I’ve been blessed in life coming from a rural town of 300 people to work under and learn from great makeup artist Bobbi Brown and Virginia Young.

Q5. What song is in your head at the moment?
I’m A Mess by Bebe Rexha because I was looking for photos of doing her makeup last night and that is a video that showed, and a young kid from Australia; Jack Gray, My Hands.

Q6. Podcast you are into currently?
I’ve never lisented to a Podcast

Q7. Luxury to you is?
Luxury is the ability to really enjoy something.

Q8. Coffee or Tea drinker?
I’m from the south so Iced Sweet Tea.

Q9. Shower or Bath?
Shower every day and bath when I need to relax.

Q10. Style Icon?
Not a fashionista, I’m a jeans, t-shirt and hat type.

Q11. Any secrets you want to tell us?
Tequila soda is my favorite drink. ☺

Q12. How are you able2 be mindful – life in general?
I try to live life easy, I believe in being nice, owning my mistakes and trying to show love.  I think the world is full of enough jerks and the energy you put out comes back to you.


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