Flash Jewellery |  Nina

Flash Jewellery | Nina

Q5. Maker: Nina
Creation: Flash Jewellery
Thinking: Handcrafted, ethically made jewellery for everyday wear that will empower the modern woman
Location: Byron Bay AUS and Nelson NZ

Q1. What was the inspiration and motivation to start Flash?
Flash started as a passion project and organically evolved into what it is now... I’ve been making jewellery for years as a hobby and having worked in metal work it was a natural progression to start a label. My inspiration was to create unique jewellery that fills the gap between fine jewellery and costume jewellery and to makes the wearer feel amazing.

Q2.  What has been the most interesting thing you have learned on the journey so far?
Great question, I’ve been doing jewellery for a long time and have only really been treating it as a business over the last two years, as much as I love creating i’ve learned you have to be savvy in business. I’ve also learnt to stay in your own lane and stay true to your own values and aesthetic.

Q3. What has been the biggest challenge? 
Education the customer in terms of the metals, processes and what it actually takes to craft an item of jewellery.

Q4. What song is in your head at the moment? 
Low tide by DRAMA

Q5. Who is the sunshine of your life? 
Ooooo I would say my family and my partner Rich. (I couldn't just pick one!)

Q6. Favourite Podcast or podcast you are into ATM? 
I’m a big Gary Vee fan and always get a big motivational boost after listening to him.

Q7. Sustainable, Mindful, Chic to you is?
Being conscious in your everyday choices and buying items that last more than a season.

Q8. What would the perfect day spent look like to you?
I would say a classic beach day, parked up under an umbrella oh a hot summers day with loads of snacks and swimming all day.

Q9. Shower or Bath girl? 
Definitely shower.

Q10. Do you think sustainability in retail should matter?
First and foremost for our planet, but also for the lively hood of the people creating the retail items.

Q11. What do you think is next for Flash?
We’re excited to be opening our Byron Bay showroom next month! It’s been in the pipeline a long time and we can’t wait to invite our customers into the space.

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