Alder New York Skincare | Nina and David

Alder New York Skincare | Nina and David

Maker: Nina and David
Creation: Alder New York Skincare
Thinking: Uncomplicated, natural skincare and haircare products
Location: NYC

Q1. What was the motivation behind creating Alder New York?
David and I both wanted products that were truly clean, vegan, genderless, and affordable. We couldn’t find products that met in that venn diagram. Especially the focus around genderless- we think good design is genderless, and we don’t subscribe to hyper feminine or hyper masculine marketing. So clean, genderless skincare and haircare was very important to us and missing from the market.

Q2. Cool name – Where did Alder New York come from?
We worked together in design for a long time before we founded Alder New York, and the name of our previous company was always being spelled incorrectly or said wrong. So we knew we wanted a name that was familiar to the ear and easy to spell and pronounce. And the Alder tree happens to be a tree that is particularly symbiotic with its environment- as a clean personal care line, that felt fitting. And New York is where we as a team were born and bred, so Alder New York was the perfect name.

Q3. What was the feeling when you received your first order for Alder New York?
Maybe a slight moment of disbelieve? Like, Oh My God this might really work! Other people think this is as great a product as we do!

Q4. Any secret plans you have coming up for Alder New York?
Well, we have some exciting new products just around the corner- some more specialty items and an expansion on our haircare. But I can’t say more.

Q5. Do you have a mentor or muse?
On a personal level, I, Nina, find Rachel Comey inspiring in the way she runs her business. She’s very open about how she grew it from the ground up and really struggled with all the financial issues that come with growing a small business without VC investment. And I’m so impressed with what she’s built- I find that hugely inspiring for Alder New York.

Q6.What song is in your head at the moment?
David is always playing his spotify in the office and right now he’s listening to Kim Petras’ “Heart to Break.” So that’s now stuck in my head).

Q7.Favourite Podcast ?
For me, Pod Save America (sorry Aussies, that’s very US specific, and My Favorite Murder- we listen to that maybe too much in the office.

Q8.Style Icon?
For David: Grace Jones
For Nina: Bianca Jagger

Q9.Happiness to you is?
Enough financial success to do all the things we’ve dreamed of for Alder New York without having to make compromises.
Also, playing with our pets.

Q10. Friday 5pm – cocktail or cup of tea?
Crave a cocktail, but choose the tea- we have work to do and cocktails don’t bode well for the next day.

Q11. How are you able2 be mindful?
David and I both try very hard to meditate. David has started a face yoga routine in the morning too, which is a chance for him to bring in some mindfulness. And I swear by the 10% happier mindful app- I actually just wrote a post on our blog about how much I love it, as someone who is naturally very anxious. So we really carve it into our lives because we are better off for it.

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