@iamarchive | Nadine Banks

@iamarchive | Nadine Banks

We were instantly drawn to sustainable fashion blogger Nadine Banks clean, minimalistic & chic instagram page & I am archive blog and thrilled to have the opportunity to ask her some questions recently. Nadine has been doing her thing for over 6 years now, “it all happened very organically. At the time Instagram was very new, I was posting content which inspired me and quickly gained a following of people who liked what I was posting”

What was the inspiration behind your blog and I Am Archive?
The main drive behind it was my love for fashion at the time. I was always inspired by fashion magazines and would read Vogue religiously, I had an entire bookcase filled with the cult magazine and issues from around the world. Instagram was a true revelation as I could create my own platform and share photos that inspired me as well as model and style clothing that I loved. 

What did you study at Uni?
I studied a Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design), which is what I still do today as my full time job. 

What has been the most interesting thing you have learned on the journey so far?
I think the most interesting thing would be how much I have grown and learned to be confident in myself. It’s all thanks to having a self run blog and having to approach people. It’s interesting how much my blog has impacted not only my professional life but my personal. 

How long have you been living in London for and is this home now for good?
I’ve been living in London for almost two years, I wouldn’t call it home yet, but it is home for now. I love my job and have met some amazing people who I’m not ready to part with yet. 

Favourite Podcast? 
I love Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press. Everyone she interviews has a story worth listening to and is so inspiring and interesting, so much that I take notes during every episode and do my own research afterwards. 

Best purchase recently?
A pair of vintage gold hoop earrings. I purchase them from a Vintage market in East London for £10 from a lady who had collected vintage jewellery for over twenty years. I love them a lot and know they will be something I will treasure forever and pass down to my daughter. 

Any up and coming brands that are on your radar that are doing amazing things in the world of sustainable, ethical & chic in practice?
Hanna Fiedler is definitely doing all three. She is based in London and only launched her label in December but I can tell she is going to take it far! All her pieces are made from highly selected materials and are made to be lived in - made to last beyond the season. Her collections are manufactured locally here in Britain, to support British suppliers and craftsmen. I also have NZ based labels Ovna Ovich and Wynn Hamlyn on my radar! 

What would the perfect day spent look like to you?
A Sunday - in the morning I would cook banana pancakes, read a few online articles and then be inspired to get out of the house and do a shoot. I would then spend time with my best friend and we would go for a long walk and go to a local farmers market to buy produce for the week. Then maybe visit an art gallery or explore a new area in London. 

Movie or books?
Books, which is actually a recent love of mine. Until recently I hadn’t read a book cover to back in years. Now I can’t get enough of them, I’ve read three books since Christmas.

What do you think is next for you?
I truly believe something big is in store for me. I have been running my blog for six years, working in design for five years and have moved to the other side of the world. Since moving here I feel my blog has only just started to pick up and gain a strong following. I have a few projects in the works for this year and can not wait to share them! 

How are you able2 be mindful – life in general?
I do a yoga class once a week which I feel gets my body and mind ready for the week ahead. But overall I think it is important to have a mini digital detox at least once a day as my full time job and blog are both 90% dedicated to a screen. I love to take time to be mindful of my surroundings - whether that be on my commute to work, while I cook (and chat to my flatmates) or simply going for a walk around my favourite park in East London.


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